Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

All About Coral: Pantone’s Color of 2019

Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

Sorella Vita style 8796
Sorella Vita style 8796

The trend forecast is in! Ready to find out what’s making its way to designs, runways and bridal parties in 2019? “Living Coral” has been chosen as Pantone’s Color of the Year, so we’re delighted to see the Coral offering from Sorella Vita getting its well-deserved moment to shine this season.

The Pantone Color Institute researches the latest in global influences such as art, entertainment, lifestyle and culture that makes a distinct impact on today’s trends. This selection predicts how brands and products will adapt to the themes of our present world in order to make powerful statements through design.

Living Coral is a stunning, saturated hue with all-natural inspiration. Selected for its invigorating warmth and serene golden undertones, this color reflects the captivating spirit of marine life and coastal sunsets—shining a whole new light on nature’s beauty for this year’s wedding themes.

We can’t wait to share all the ways for you to incorporate Coral into your on-trend bridal party—and see what you create when you discover the possibilities with this hot hue!

  • Available in all our chiffon and satin styles, Coral pairs exceptionally well with complementary shades such as Blush, Rosewater and Desert Rose—to name a few!

Sorella Vita style 9070
Sorella Vita style 9070 in Dusty Rose (also available in Coral)

Sorella Vita style 8796
Sorella Vita style 8796 in Coral

Sorella Vita style 9026
Sorella Vita style 9026 in Blush (also available in Coral)

  • Color Harmonies are Pantone’s specialized palettes that both illustrate and inspire a wide range of color-coordinating opportunities for design and beyond. Use our color references below on how to mix Coral into your palettes—the sky’s the limit!

Coral Color Harmonies

Create a variety with our natural pink and berry-like shades, for a blushing array that radiates romance—or pack a bold punch with an all-out Coral explosion! Whatever way you choose, Sorella Vita has your 2019 bridesmaids covered.

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