12 Best Wedding Dessert Bars

Wedding dessert bars are popping up from Connecticut to California – and in the most delicious ways. A feast for both the stomach and the eyes, these dessert bars offer guests a sweet finger food alternative to the traditional plated wedding cake. Or, you can serve both!

Choose from scrumptious favorites like milk and cookies, ice cream sundaes, mini fruit pies, cupcakes, cheesecake bites – whatever your heart desires. The options are endless! Below are 12 of our favorite wedding dessert bars to inspire you.

Milk and cookie wedding dessert bar

Perfect for a casual affair, this milk and cookie bar can be set up in advance and offers something sweet for your guests to take home with them.

milk and cookies wedding dessert bar

Sean Walker Photography


Chocolate and strawberries wedding dessert bar

We love fruit and chocolate for a country-inspired affair. Plus, your guests will appreciate this light alternative to cake when the temperatures rise.

chocolate and strawberries wedding dessert bar

Helen Cawte Photography

Everything under the sun wedding dessert bar

Can’t decide on one sweet treat? With a wedding dessert bar, there’s no need to choose just one favorite!

everything wedding dessert bar

Paper Antler

Must have mousse wedding dessert bar

Played up or down, mousse can be served at both casual and more formal weddings.

mousse wedding dessert bar

Edible Art Cakes

Sweet cake wedding dessert bar

Why choose just one when you can offer several yummy wedding cakes like in this beautiful spread below?

sweet cake wedding dessert bar

Sonya Khegay Photography

Ice cream sundae wedding dessert bar

Cool things down with an ice cream sundae bar complete with toppings that would make any ice cream shop envious.

ice cream sundae wedding dessert bar

Society Bride

Cake pop wedding dessert bar

Let your guests take the cake on the go with pretty wedding pops decorated with colored icing that matches your wedding decor.

cakepop wedding dessert bar

Erin Johnson

Mini fruit pie wedding dessert bar

From apply to cherry to chocolate cream, your guests will love these mini pies.

fruit pie wedding dessert bar

Kelly Hornberger/Amy Little Photography

Doughnut wedding cake dessert bar

Perfect for a morning celebration, a doughnut wedding dessert bar will be an instant hit with your guests – young and old!

donut wedding dessert bar

Ashlyn Dawson Photography

Candied apples wedding dessert bar

For a more rustic affair, choose something simple and sweet like candied apples drizzled with chocolate and nuts.

carmel apple wedding dessert bar

Curiosity Garden Studios

S’mores wedding dessert bar

A camper’s favorite, s’mores will add child-like rustic whimsy to your barn-side wedding.

smores wedding dessert bar


Pancake wedding dessert bar

A pancake wedding bar can be served in the morning, or late at night as a welcomed “fourth” meal to invigorate tired guests.

pancake wedding dessert bar

Sarah Yates Photography