Top 5 Apps for Wedding Planning

Top 5 Apps for Wedding Planning

In an age where we can do everything from pay bills to ordering a pizza on our phone, it only makes sense that we should be able to plan a wedding in the palm of our hand, too, right? While planning a wedding does take much more in-person interaction than other events in our life, here are a few apps that will help streamline the wedding-planning process 24/7.

Organizational App
Contracts, quotes, inspiration images… you’ll soon realize in your wedding planning process that you collect a large number of documents. One of our favorite apps for keeping everything organized is Evernote. This app gives you the ability to upload and organize any type of document or image right to the app. You can also add categories and folders to keep yourself extra organized.

Inspiration App
By now, we assume you are familiar with Pinterest, but having the app on your phone is very important during the wedding-planning process. The ability to have your inspiration boards on hand at any given moment will be super helpful when meeting with potential vendors like florists or designers.

Timeline App
When planning a wedding, it’s beyond important to lay out a timeline of when certain vendors need to be booked, components of the wedding need to be ordered, etc. WeddingHappy helps you create a customized timeline for your wedding day and allows you to check off items as you complete them.

Wedding Layout App
AllSeated allows you to enter your guest list and determine what you would like the setup of your reception to be virtually. Play around with your setup until you get it exactly how you would like to see it on your wedding day to avoid stress down the road.

Wedding Registry App
Zola Wedding Registry allows you to add everything you could ever want to your wedding registry with just the push of a button. In addition to your standard wedding registry gifts from a variety of brands, this app also allows you to register for getaways and experiences, with honeymoon experiences topping the list for many couples.