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  • Lazy Bride Fitness Guide Part Four: Outer Thighs

    I am disguising this less-than-five-minute fixer in my so called “lazy” bride guide because you never leave your mat, but do not get me wrong ladies, this one is not easy! I know you wonder women can handle it though so let’s get to it. Grab a mat and a let’s get to work. *As […]

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  • Lazy Bride Fitness Guide Part Three: Hamstrings

    As a fitness junkie, when my hamstrings are sore, I feel accomplished. For many people, hamstrings (the back side of your thighs) are one of the hardest areas to tone. Sure, you could do about a million Romanian Dead Lifts and run the risk of bad form and lower back injuries OR you could add […]

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  • Lazy Bride Fitness Guide Part Two: Inner Thighs

    Hello my fellow lazies! I hope you enjoyed our first series in the Lazy Bride Fitness Guide. Today I am sharing one of my most favorite series. I’ve compiled a few of the best inner thigh-focused exercises that require very little effort but lend very big results – because that IS the point, right? Perform […]

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  • Lazy Bride Fitness Guide Part One: Arms

    Not so into sweating for the wedding? Maybe, at the end of the day, you are just too tired to drag yourself to the gym. Maybe you don’t have time. Or maybe, just maybe, you JUST. DON’T. WANNA. (Insert hand-raised emoji here)! Well lazy brides celebrate because I have the perfect solution. I’ve created several […]

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