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  • Self Care Tips for the Stressed Out Bride

    Wedding planning can take a toll on all of us, no matter how zen we might in reality. But let’s be 100% honest, something will and does go wrong and usually, it happens on the day itself. There’s no way to prevent it either, however, don’t let yourself become a total stress ball before your […]

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  • Cleanse What? Ex-Squeeze Me!

    Ask yourself this question: Have I ever done a juice diet/cleanse/detox juice cleanse? If you answered yes, did you go into it thinking your insides would be detoxified and cleansed? Did you answer no? Really? I don’t believe you 😉 I have some news for you. Foods don’t cleanse or detox. They do not rid […]

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  • I Love You Electrolytes, Will You Marry Me?

    Let me start by telling you something you already know… wedding planning can be stressful.  You have a million ideas racing around in your head and a million more people to meet with – a wedding cake to pick out, a wedding dress to buy, and the list goes on.  You may feel like you […]

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