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  • All About Arms Part Two: Triceps

    Here’s a moment to which most of us can relate: Have you ever raised your hand to wave but your arm fat did it for you instead? Isn’t that fun? Even worse is when your triceps and lats gang up on you to create that over-the-bra-back-fat-muffin-top-thingy (that’s the official term). I know I am not […]

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  • All About Arms Part One: Shoulders

    As you prepare for your wedding day, you’ll think about every detail. From the save-the-dates to sparklers (or confetti, or bubbles, or glitter, or kittens) and everything in between, you’ll obsess over each moment however major or miniscule. And it’s no stretch to assume that you’ll spend a painstaking amount of brainpower on your own […]

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