Real Martina Liana Bride Stephanie + Justin

A proposal gone wrong turned into a lifetime of happiness for Martina Liana bride, Stephanie and her husband, Justin. Remembering to soak it all in, Stephanie was present, in the moment and absolutely stunning in her lace and crepe Martina Liana gown. Read on for more of this sweet couple’s wedding-day story!

From the bride: Our proposal was terrible but perfect. My poor, poor husband had gone to great lengths to plan this massive over-the-top proposal months before a trip we had planned to Las Vegas, Nevada. The original plan was he would propose on the gondola ride in the Venetian hotel and they would project “Will you marry me?” In the sky, as we toured around in front of hundreds of people. This, however, is not what happened.

As we approach the lineup Justin was supposed to discreetly say his last name for the reservation and they would automatically know what we were there for. But unfortunately for him when he got there they couldn’t seem to find his reservation. He thought this must be some sort of cruel joke. He had paid a fine penny to have this perfect plan.. but they just lost it! Walking away red and out of sorts, he couldn’t quite come up with a reason to why he was so upset. Off to our supper reservation, we went to where there he ordered some expensive champagne and popped it and the question. It was perfect! I personally think it happened for a reason because I would have been mortified being in such a public place with such a huge gesture.

Our wedding was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. For all the people who care about the pictures, the decor or anything else but having fun you are missing out! I didn’t pick up my phone once the entire day. I may have looked like a hot mess is some of the pictures which I could have looked better but I cared more about doing back flips on the party bus then keeping my hair intact! I think every bride needs to live in the moment and not care about the things they can not control that day! Everyone’s wedding should be a celebration and a party with those who mean the most to you! Only the bride will notice things like flower arrangements, candles or colour schemes, so don’t let them dictate how much fun you are having.

Our most special memory from the day was definitely when our one and a half-year-old daughter (at the time) saw her daddy at the end of the aisle. She was so ecstatic she flicked her hands up and ran as fast as she could down the aisle at Justin screaming “Daddy Daddy DADDY!” There wasn’t one dry eye in the entire gazebo. Then as I came around the corner and my husband saw me he just lost it! It was perfect!

Photography by Wild and Heart Photography