Real Martina Liana Bride Angela + Lauron

Food trucks, donuts and the Friends theme song, real Martina Liana bride, Angela’s wedding to husband, Lauron, was oh-so-personal! Angela looked amazing in her lace wedding dress and we can’t get enough of the industrial vibe – we love everything about this fun wedding!

From the bride: My husband took me to our favorite beach, Alki beach which has a stunning view of the Seattle skyline, and where we had spent many afternoons with our toes in the sand, looking at the city that brought us together, and planning our lives together. That beach was where we first decided to move in together, where we put our first offer on a house together, and where my boyfriend got down on a knee with the most amazing backdrop, asked me to be his partner for the rest of our lives, and put the ring of my dreams on my finger, where it will never leave. He also had our friends photograph the moment, and organized drinks with all of our best friends after to celebrate!

I had my dream dress in mind before I set foot in a shop. I wanted something simple and stunning, classy yet personal. I took a picture into Calla Bridal, the most adorable, helpful shop in Seattle (in my opinion), and Mari said to me: “Oh do I have the dress for you!” Martina Liana was having a trunk show, and my dress was literally hanging in the dressing room waiting for me. As predicted, I fell in love immediately, it was exactly what I pictured, but a bit out of my price range. I had 1 week to decide, so frantically ran all over Seattle’s wedding dress scene, only to find myself picturing the Martina Liana every time. In the end, my mom surprised me by paying for my ENTIRE dress, and I got to go home with my dream dress. It is one of a kind, made just for me (literally, since it was a trunk show model!), and I felt like a million bucks on my wedding day!

We got married on the University of Washington campus, where we first met and fell in love. The garden where the ceremony took place was naturally beautiful, and it had four tall while columns as our backdrop. We had short but special standing ceremony and said our own vows. The hall was also magical and stunning, so we kept the decorations and colors neutral (white, blush, light grey, etc.) and simple, with lots of lights! Our flowers were mostly white, and I wore a handmade flower crown. My bridesmaids wore various shades of blush/neutral tone long dresses, and the groomsmen wore blush suspenders with different floral Dazi ties.

We wanted our wedding to reflect us, not what Pinterest dictate makes a good wedding. So we did just that. We had my uncle and godfather officiate, our bouquets were made by a dear friend, and the centerpieces made up of flowers collected at Pike Place Market. My aunt handmade the jewelry for my bridesmaids, and I let them pick their own dresses, following our very neutral-toned theme. We had donuts from Top Pot because my husband doesn’t like cake (with the exception of cutting a cake that was made by my mother), and food trucks filled with tacos and sliders because that’s our jam. We had our friends introduced to the “Friends” theme song and were introduced to “Tequila”, by The Champs, followed by our whole bridal party taking a tequila shot with us to kick off the reception. I danced with my longtime neighbor and friend who has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) by sitting on his lap in his wheelchair as we were twirled around the dance floor together. My cousins from the Basque Country in the north of Spain surprised us with a traditional wedding dance from their culture, and we spent the whole night dancing and sipping IPA with everyone we love. It was truly perfect.

We got married on the campus where we first met in a large, old, beautiful hall. The reception and all the dancing was down on the bottom floor, but there was a balcony that overlooked the whole hall. At one point during the ceremony, my new husband carried the train of my beautiful dress up the long flight of stairs to the top of the balcony, and together we watched our party happen below us. We watched our family, friends and loved ones dancing the night away, there from near and far to celebrate us, and our love, and just took a moment to step away and truly absorb all the love that surrounded us, unseen by our guests. At one point, my bridesmaid noticed us up above and pointed us out to people around her, and within seconds, EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON at our wedding got out on the dance floor (if they weren’t already), looked up at us, dancing to Sweet Caroline, waving and pointing at us as we did the same back to them, and our hearts almost exploded with the community we are surrounded with and the love we have for each other. The whole day was amazing, but that moment is burned in our hearts and will go down as one of the best in our memories together.

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