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Real All Who Wander Bride Susan + Jordan

After nine years together, not even a pandemic could stop Susan and Jordan from saying “I do.” The challenges of having to plan a wedding after two very difficult years felt daunting, but the couple knew that their love remained strong through it all.

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The Proposal

2019 was not our year. This was one of the most trying years for our relationship and our families and to make a long (year) story short, soon after we rang in the New Year, we lost his grandfather, his mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer, my grandmother passed away, as well, we completely gutted a house, trying to rebuild it with minimal help from the ground up.

These were the major events, not to include other trials and tribulations we endured throughout it as well, but I will spare you the details. Now, with moving from hospital to hospital, one emotional and heart wrenching roller coaster event after another really made us dig deep and truly see what and who was important in our lives, and I think we ultimately needed something wonderful and good to come from that year. 

So, without my knowledge, my now husband went and picked out a ring with his mother and sister, where he sat on the ring for months, waiting for the “perfect” opportunity to happen for us. However, as stated above, one devastating event after another kept postponing his proposal. Until one day, he decided to take me to our house that we were building together to “water our flowers”. We walked inside to a mess of drywall sheets laying around, paint cans on the floor, electric wires hanging out, and power tools galore. 

This is when he “super lunged” onto one knee and asked me to become his wife. Nothing over the top, nothing fancy, just us, in our almost finished house, ready to begin our new and messy life together. A life that isn’t perfect and always pretty, but a life that is only ours.

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Finding the perfect wedding dress

My bridal style was bohemian meets classic. Since our venue was outside with a gorgeous overlook in the trees and by a fun swimming pool, we wanted to keep it simple and classic. We wanted to add to the beauty of the area, so we used different large glass vases with all kinds of tall grasses and greenery. Same went with my style for the day. I wanted a different more pronounced lace on my dress, but in a classic, flowy, and easy to move dress. With my hair up for a care free look, smoky eyes, fun jewelry and slate blue block heels.

My bridal shopping experience was fabulous! We stumbled onto MarWin Bridal because I found the All Who Wander line to be just my style, and they carried it. They were the best people and worked very patiently with me, listening to all my wants and needs. I highly recommend them to any and everyone!

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The Wedding Details

The theme was a bohemian forest, earth feel. We used a eucalyptus green, slate blue, blush, white, and grays for our colors. As well, the fun and full circle part for our wedding was we met lifeguarding at a pool nine years ago, fell in love working as lifeguards, and then held our reception at the pool. The location was meant to be! Lastly, we just wanted to dance and have a huge celebration for our wedding, which is exactly what we and our guests did. We danced the night away!

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Nine years together, this year of uncertainty, and some of the most challenging times we have been through with life and loss. Looking at this question really makes us think back on our magical day, wishing it could happen over again and again. All wishes aside, the most special memory was FINALLY walking down the aisle to the love of my life. All we could feel was love, hope, and joy standing in front of the most influential and wonderful people while we became one. We have never felt something so magnificent and calming in our souls and we will cherish this memory as well as the whole experience.

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