Long Distance Wedding Planning Advice

Long Distance Wedding Planning Advice

Whether your wedding will be on an exotic beach or in your hometown church, planning a long distance wedding can add an extra element of stress to any bride. Here are a few of our favorite tips to ease your stress and help you create the wedding of your dreams!

Create a Timeline
Planning your wedding from afar will only increase your need for organization, so the first thing to do is make a timeline from the engagement to the wedding day, and fill in important dates and appointments to keep you on schedule. Planning everything out ahead of time will keep you in check when making decisions and will ensure everything gets done.

Determine What Can Be Done Here or There
Take a look at everything that needs to be booked or purchased and decide what has to be done at the wedding location and what can be done from your location. Catering, flowers, etc. will need to be done in the location you’re tying the knot, but ordering favors, planning the music list, and even wedding dress shopping can all be done wherever you are.

Make the Most of Your Time
If you’re getting married in your hometown, take full advantage of each trip back home. Do your research ahead of time, and schedule appointments, tours and tastings for the dates you’ll be back. Narrowing down your list of potential vendors before your get to the appointment stage will save you both time and headaches, so try and connect with as many people on the phone or via email ahead of time as you can.

Rely on Others
Planning a long distance wedding is not for the faint of heart, so utilize the help of others whenever possible. Whether this is the wedding coordinator at the beachside resort where you’ll be tying the knot, or simply your mom sending you photos of potential venues, take advantage of the assistance to create a stress-free planning experience. Having someone local, such as your mom or sister, serve as the point of contact for all local vendors will also streamline the planning.

Focus on the Big Picture
Living away from your wedding location may be stressful at times, but even though you may not be able to be there to compare two linen shades in person, remember at the end of the day, you’re getting married and that’s all that matters!