Wedding-Ready Braids

Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Wedding-Ready Braids

A bridal trend that is having more than its moment in the sun is the hair trend of braids. This uber-hot hair trend is far from the milkmaid braids you might expect from your early days in the school yard. There is absolutely something for everyone with this hot hairstyle and it has the capability to effortlessly transform a bride in whatever style bridal gown she chooses. You can slay your way with the infinite ways and unique styles that a braid can provide. From a fun and playful fishtail to a relaxed and undone side braid, there are hundreds of different ways you can wear this look on your wedding day and it will be as individual as you are. A plait is low maintenance and elegant and it’s a sure fire winner that when you look back at your wedding day photos that you will do so with pride in many years to come as these unique and modern effortless hairstyles are timeless and whimsical.

How to prep your hair for braids:
Prepping your hair for your braid is crucial for longevity, stability and volume. Second day hair is always best when executing this style.
Product perfection..your mane arsenal to prepping for plaits. This list will ensure you have everything for any type of up do involving braids. Here’s what you’ll need:

* Blow Dryer
* 1″ or 1.5″ curling iron
* Flat iron
* Foil comb
* Sectioning clips
* Regular & large bobby pins
* Clear, small elastics
* Medium round brush
* Volumizing Spray – Oribe Volumista is awesome
* Working hairspray – Oribe Superfine Hairspray or Redken Fashion Work
* Elastic bead cord: Found at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s

The steps to the perfect plait hair is as follows:

1. To give clean hair volume mist on Oribe volumista and blow dry in. Make sure your roots have lift by using the round brush.

2. Using the foil comb part your hair to one side. Pull back into a relaxed ponytail. Leave and inch or two thick of hair free. Braid this piece and then secure at the bottom with a clear elastic still holding the base pull out and relax the braid. Gently mist with your hairspray.

3. Now braid the larger ponytail piece and secure with a clear tie then also loosen this softly with your fingers. Fix with hairspray.

4. Roll this larger braid into itself and secure with pins

5. Secure the front braid to the base of the ponytail.

6. Soften any areas that need volume gently. Gently spray with hairspray to set.