Wedding Invitations 101: All Your Questions Answered

There are so many types of wedding invitations out there that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The important thing to note is that your wedding invitations should express your unique personality. From fun to formal, ultra-modern to rustic, your wedding invitations invite guests into your new life with your groom, and set the tone for the swoon-worthy celebration to come.

Different types of wedding invitations


Perfect for a formal affair, engraved wedding invitations have been around since the 1700s. They feature raised lettering on the front of thick cotton paper. On the back of the card stock, the letters are indented.

Engraved Wedding Invitations

Reeves Engraving



Embossed wedding invitations are made when heavy paper is pressed between a metal die to create an indentation.  

Embossed wedding invitation

Studio Embossed



Much like engraved wedding invitations, invitations with thermography features raised lettering. The difference is that the raised lettering with this technique is a bit shiny on front.

thermography wedding invitation

NJMJ Design



Slightly higher quality than what you can print at home on a laser printer, digital wedding invitations are perfect for more casual wedding celebrations, (and smaller budgets).

digital wedding invitation

Oh So Beautiful Paper


Laser Cut

Highly refined and delicate, laser cut wedding invitations can feature everything from Victorian designs and floral motifs on paper, to more woodsy details like the unique wooden laser-cut invite below, which is featured at Creative Market.

laser-cut wedding invitation



Very ‘of-the-moment’, letterpress invitations show indented letters on front and raised lettering on back.

Letterpress wedding invitation



Foil stamped

If you’re hosting a whimsically romantic wedding, consider having your invitations foil stamped. Your wedding invitation designer will commission a heated copper plate to push metallic foil into paper, leaving an impression much like that found with a letterpress wedding invitation.

foil stamped wedding invitation



When to send out wedding invitations

Send Save-The-Date cards at least 10 months in advance. Wedding invitations should be delivered to your guests no less than one month before your nuptials. (If you are hosting a destination wedding, you may want to consider sending your wedding invitations three months in advance.)

What names should appear on the wedding invitation?

As revealed in a previous blog post, wedding invites should be issued by the host(s), with each name spelled out to include title and middle name. Doctor is spelled out and Mr./Mrs. appear as is. For example, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Matthew McVey vs. Doctor and Mrs. Joseph Matthew McVey.

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