Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Valentine’s Day Makeup

February 14th. Valentine’s day…a day that celebrates love so embrace it! It’s the day of the year that you actually want to make the most wanted list. Romantic candlelit dining with your significant other, fine wine and hearts entwined, February 14th, whether we like it or not is a day when the whole world goes crazy for love. Not such a bad thing in my opinion.

Whether single or coupled get out with amour abound and feel the love, your new romantic style should be kissable, touchable and effortlessly chic. Whimsical, dreamy hair with a beautiful stained lip and soft smoldering eyes is the look du jour (think the divine Jessica Alba). There is no room for anything too modern or stark. Feminine glamour will secure your place in your true love’s heart. The alluring golden glow of the candles on your table, you’re guaranteed to stop a few hearts and make your love’s beat a bit faster.

On such a touchy feely day remember you are aiming for hair that is soft, touchable and sexy. My new favorite hair product Alfaparf Milano illuminating styling mousse – yes you heard me..mousse! It’s a level 2 hold which means you can blow it into your hair wet or dry and still easily work with it.  Apply a medium sized ball of mousse into your hands and part your hair then distribute evenly through your hair. Roughly dry it in. Take your curling wand and take 1.5 inch sections of hair and curl away from your face. Once finished the curling, gently loosen the curls and add a small amount of serum to keep the ends polished. Pin softly the top part of your scalp with a few pieces out framing the face.

Your makeup should be a little playful twist on a perennially sexy look. Your smoldering eyes should include a layer of colour over your smudgy black eyeliner, think midnight blue or deep plum to add a different dimension to your loved up look. Always finish your look with two coats of the blackest mascara for extra glamour and drama. Lips should be stained in a kissable colour like Luma Cosmetics “Dusty Rose” which is a slightly pumped up version of your own lips but a just been kissed version. Your foundation should be fresh faced and radiant so add a little brightening powder on your skin to elevate your glow in the candlelight.
And that’s it my loves! Remember, keep those lips kissable and your heart open!