Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Top Nail Color Trends for Fall Weddings

Nails have had their moment in the sun for some time now, pulling together a look in the most unexpected ways! They have become fashions most coveted accessory adding life to an otherwise classic look. This fall’s bride can look sultry and moody by adding some Bordeaux to her nails to tantalize and tease or add a pearlescent lustre to your fingers and toes to shimmer, which gives a multifaceted but modern feel. Polish is so important to style, to become immersed in this seasons fall fashion nail fixations and be inspired to try these bolder trends that will elevate your wedding look, making it on point and illuminating.




High impact liquid metallic nails are so chic and cannot be ignored helping make your most feminine outfits look modern and cool. Try a clear nail with a hint of a sparkly gold crescent at the base of your nails or add gold flecks to your fingers for the Midas touch. If rocking metallic or gold glitters aren’t your thing wear something pearlescent and dreamy on your tips-you’ll be amazing how chic and arresting it can look.

Best opalescent colour? Try YSL La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer in LOVE PINK.


Merlot hues and beautiful Bordeaux or berry nails and chocolate chip tips are taking nails to new delicious heights. Go deep with all these rich and sultry hues and polish those pinkies so they look a little rebellious and oh so dramatic! Wear it opaque or just on your tips to reimagine the French tip.

Pro tip: make sure if you want to look stylish, on trend and pulled together, match your tips and your lips.

Pastel tones

Pastel is VIBING this season a la pearlescent finishes. Take your look to otherworldly with the glossy and glowy fantasia craze. Think mermaids, unicorns, and rainbows. Aqua is having its moment this fall to add a slick of aqua to your lashes then an opaque pop of it to your nails to give a nod to this fun and playful trend. Try Essie for a mermaid chic Aqua. Maybe dip your tips in an aqua accent colour that’s unexpected and playful- a twist on the French tip!


Think pop art, expressionism, Salvador Dali’s surrealism and abstract art. Just play up a nail on each hand or focus on the tips or go all in with this daring and wildly creative look. Maybe leave this for a party, not your wedding when trying this crazy cool nail art.