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The Best Tiaras Meghan Markle Could Wear at the Royal Wedding

Style is everything! For Meghan Markle’s May 19th wedding to Prince Harry, style is probably one of the most important factors for the young couple. Whatever Meghan Markle wears will live on for a long time in the fashion history books.

Ms. Markle chose to wear a long sleeve wedding dress, something decidedly more American. Weeks before the wedding many wondered if she would wear a tiara. The answer is a little more complicated than you might think. Every bride at a major royal wedding since the Queen Mother has worn some sort of tiara. However, Meghan, who is not British or royal by blood, could have chosen a different route. Because we’re completely obsessed with everything royal wedding, we were pleasantly surprised when she stayed with tradition!

Here are our top crown jewels:

The Strathmore Rose Tiara

This crown might be perfect for the American bride. The crown, which features rose-cut diamonds, was originally presented to the Queen Mother, then the Duchess of York on her wedding day by her father. It has not been worn by any other royal since.

The Spencer Tiara

Although not technically in the royal collection, Diana wore her family’s heirloom to her wedding to Prince Charles.

The Cartier Bandeau

The Queen Mother’s Cartier Bandeau, which is made of three gem-set bracelets on a bandeau frame would have been the perfect diadem for Ms. Markle. Sleek and decidedly modern, this royal heirloom would be the sparkliest of all pieces.

The Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau

Meghan chose to wear this tiara straight out of the Queen’s personal vault. Dating back to 1893, this diamond-encrusted piece was originally worn by Prince Harry’s great-great-great grandmother. The Kensington Palace confirmed that the diamond bandeau was a present to the then Princess Mary in 1893 by the County of Lincoln on her marriage to Prince George, Duke of York, who would become King George V.

Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar