Store of the Week: Hello Beautiful Bridal and Formal Wear

Store of the Week: Hello Beautiful Bridal and Formal Wear in Kearney, NE

Knowing there was a great opportunity to offer shoppers throughout Nebraska a modern and fun bridal shopping experience, Hello Beautiful Bridal & Formal Wear owners, Megan and Jenna, opened the doors to their shop in 2014. Every day they love learning more about their brides and truly enjoy being a small part of their love story!

Store of the Week: Hello Beautiful Bridal and Formal Wear

We asked the staff of Hello Beautiful Bridal & Formal Wear all about their Kearney bridal shop and what’s currently trending in the Nebraska bridal market:

What wedding dress trends are hot right now in your area?
Lace continues to be incredibly popular in our area. Our brides are loving straps, cap sleeves and illusion backs. We love that Essense of Australia offers varying tulle color options so our brides can truly have the illusion look.

What’s the number one thing your brides are asking for?
Straps or keyhole backs are the most popular request we’re receiving right now. Brides want to look amazing but feel comfortable and confident moving around, hugging, and dancing on their wedding day.

How do you make the bride’s experience memorable?
We focus on helping our brides find the perfect proportion first. Rather than getting lost in the details of a wide variety of options, we want our brides to find the fit they’re most comfortable in and flatters their shape the best. Our next priority is to help them see the “big picture.” We bring in the tux and maids colors and styles so the bride can see how it all looks together. We think of bridal party style as a story to tell. How do the colors, patterns and styles all fit? Our brides love it when we do this with them!

What’s the most surprising request you’ve ever gotten from a bride?
We haven’t had anything that really surprised us so far! Maybe we need a few more years under our belts to have that experience.

What’s your favorite wedding story from one of your brides?
We had a bride, Shirley, and her fiance, Ray, come shopping on a Monday. Their wedding was Friday (of the same week), so we had to hustle helping her find the perfect gown and getting her alterations complete. We spent a lot of time with the couple that week and learned their amazing love story. They had met when they were teenagers, working in the fields of southeast Missouri. He didn’t ask her out on a date fast enough – someone else asked first and he missed his opportunity. The two had gone their separate ways in life but never forgot about one another. After both of them had lost their spouses, Ray decided to look Shirley up on Facebook. He found her right away and sent her a friend request. Over the next six months they rekindled their relationship and decided they didn’t want to miss their opportunity again. It was so amazing to hear their story and see how much they truly believed they were always meant to be together, no matter how many years it took.

What is the best advice you would give a bride as she is shopping for her wedding gown?
We always share four pieces of advice with our brides:
1. Shop with extra time. This allows you to budget out effectively and have lots of options for alterations.
2. Set a budget for your gown: Understand the features you’re looking for in a gown will impact the cost of it.
3. Don’t bring an entourage to your appointment: Too many opinions make it difficult for brides to focus on themselves.
4. Come in with an open mind: What you like in pictures doesn’t always turn out to be the best fit. Let your consultant guide you. They want what’s best for you too!

For more information you can visit Hello Beautiful Bridal & Formal Wear at 5012 3rd Avenue, Ste. 150, Kearney, NE 68845, call them at (308) 708-0678 or visit them online at