Sorella Vita Wrap Dress Style 8874

Sorella Vita Designer Series: The Wrap Dress

The new wrap dress by Sorella Vita is the bridesmaid dress that every maid will love. At Sorella Vita, it is our goal is to bring the most flattering and fashion-forward gowns to your wedding, and the new wrap bridesmaid dress does just that.

Sorella Vita Style 8874

Our versatile wrap dress features two sashes that allow you to create a figure-flattering silhouette on every body. Made to please even the pickiest of fashionistas, this bridesmaid dress is the perfect way to flatter each unique personality, body shape, and style of your bridesmaids. Available in the new and exclusive Luxe Double Knit fabric, you can let your bridesmaids drape, design, wrap, twist and fashion themselves into a style they’ll love!

Sometimes creating the perfect silhouette can become a bit tricky. To help you achieve this effortless look, we’ve created a simple step-by-step tutorial!

How to Tie the Wrap Dress

Put the dress on one sleeve at a time, as you would a coat. Allow the dress to hang naturally. At this point, the dress should be open with the sashes hanging freely.

Step One: Locate the slit on the side seam and cross the end of the tie in the front into the opposite hole and pull it through firmly until the dress begins to hug your body on the side.

Step Two: Bring the other side of the dress across the front of your body.

Step Three: Bring each sash across your body in opposite directions.

Step Four: Cross the sashes in the back to create a natural, slim waist.

Step Five: Finish your sashes by either tying at the back in a knot or bow, or bring the sashes to the front of the dress and tie.

Sorella Vita Style 8874

The Sorella Vita wrap dress in our new Luxe Double Knit fabric is available in nine modern neutrals from deeply saturated Garnet to moody and subtle Slate. Style 8874 is also available in Juniors as style J4014 featuring a faux-wrap for even the littlest of ‘maids!

Soft Luxe Color Palette

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