Should You Propose at Someone Else's Wedding?

Should You Propose at Someone Else’s Wedding?

Picture it: the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’re walking down the aisle in your dream dress, trying to remember when to step with the music—and all eyes are on you as you inch closer and closer to the love of your life. Next thing you know, your hands are shaking as the wedding band gets placed on your finger, and you’re so caught up in the thrill of forever that you almost can’t hear the sound of your own voice carefully reciting its precious vows.

Or, is it something else drowning you out?

Imagine during this moment, the best man at your wedding does the unthinkable—the unspeakable. He proposes to his girlfriend in the middle of your ceremony.

You know this wasn’t in the rehearsal, but the show must go on. Refusing to believe this nightmare-come-true is actually happening, you try to ignore it—struggling to time your “I do” so it can be heard amidst the shock and awe currently echoing throughout the ceremony space. This day you’ve been planning for months (even years) is suddenly, no longer yours.

We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t it more common for someone to propose at the reception instead?

Let us answer your question with two more:

Should you have to ask? Is EITHER really acceptable?

While the ceremony is a much more unfortunate scenario, having someone propose at the reception takes away just as much of your spotlight as it would have at the altar.

And we get it—on the very rare occasion that this happens, engaged couples are generally asked permission to propose during the reception (at the very least). But the truth is, asking in the first place means requesting a whole lot more than a joyous moment for yourself at someone else’s wedding. This couple will only get one wedding ceremony, reception, first dance and hilarious best man speech (if he isn’t riding off into the sunset with his new fiancé). The very question implies taking some excitement away from one of those very special moments, no matter how “cool” the bride and groom may seem with it. Besides, it’s not just their spotlight that’s dimmed—it’s your own! Why would you want to barge in on someone else’s wedding day for a moment that should be all about your love story?

So, you heard it here: While it’s easy to get caught up in the romance (and champagne) when celebrating marital bliss, there are 364 other days of the year that can be specially reserved for you and your beloved as you embark upon your own wedding journey.

(Just make sure to choose your best man wisely.)

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