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Should You Consider An Unplugged Wedding?

Picture this: a string trio plays John Legend’s “All of Me,” your dad takes your arm and you begin the most sentimental walk of your life; towards your very-soon-to-be-spouse. Just as you approach the altar, your second cousin’s iPhone flash shoots a blinding white beam into your eyes. You manage to keep going, begin the ceremony and just as your groom begins his vows, an “Old Town Road” ringtone echoes in the sea of guests.

Can you imagine? We use our phones constantly, but life-altering events, like weddings and funerals, should never be interrupted. Still not convinced? Read our reasons for choosing to host an unplugged wedding:

Leave it to the Professionals

As mentioned, glares and over-exposure from flashes can compromise professional photos (that you probably paid a good amount of money for.) Is your co-worker’s snap story really worth ruining a photo of your first kiss as husband and wife? Flashes aren’t the only thing that can ruin a photo. Some relatives may feel overly-confident in their photography skills and walk into the aisle or block a photographer to get their own photo.

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Your wedding is the one day in your life that should revolve around you and your groom! You should be the first to share photos of it – whether that’s the night of or months later. Choosing to go unplugged helps avoid this issue that can often lead to uncomfortable situations between people who didn’t make the guest list. In this day and age, many people use social media and feel comfortable being posted online; but that’s not the case for everyone. By going unplugged, it allows your guests to decide whether they want to be in group photos or not.


When you opt for an unplugged wedding, you ask your guests to fully immerse themselves into the wedding day. They’ll witness your first dance and cake cutting instead of watching it through the screen on their iPhone. This also prompts guests to communicate more with the others at their tables and on the dance floor! Ditch the distractions and ask that everyone who attends is fully present.

Essense of Australia Style D2477

Photos by Inge Kooiman

You don’t have to have a completely unplugged wedding – you can ask that guests reserve their phone usage for after the ceremony. It’s important to let your guests know ahead of time, whether it’s included in the invitations, on a sign leading into the ceremony space, or even if your ushers mention “no flash photography.” Are you going unplugged for the big day? Tell us in the comments!

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