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Royal Style: Will Meghan Markle Wear a Lace Wedding Dress?

There has been so much speculation on what Meghan Markle will wear for her wedding to Prince Harry, the predictions range from long sleeve lace wedding dresses to something more modern and sleek. Whatever Ms. Markle will wear, will live on in style history for a very long time. While we think Meghan will abide by traditional royal standards, we’d wager that she will put a personal twist on her wedding dress in a way that only an American turned princess can. So, if she sticks with tradition, will Meghan Markle wear a lace wedding dress at the royal wedding? If she does, here are out predictions are to what that dress might look like!

Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress

Meghan Markle Wedding Dress Style

This look leans more towards a Kate Middleton style perspective but with a modern twist with a high neckline. Meghan Markle loves clean lines and more structured looks so this style would be a definite departure from that. However, long lace sleeves are totally still in the running, especially if the Queen has to approve of the wedding dress.

Lace Wedding Dress with Shaped Train

Meghan Markle Wedding Dress Train Style

No royal wedding is complete without a princess-worthy train! There is no doubt Meghan Markle will have a substantial train – that almost feels like a must-have at royal weddings. We would love to see her wear a lace wedding dress with a shaped train. Can you imagine who gorgeous that would look walking down the aisle of Saint George’s? This style from designer Martina Liana would be a major style moment.

Floral Lace Wedding Dress

Royal Wedding Dress Style

3D floral lace is having such a major moment right now and seeing Meghan Markle in this trend would solidify it into the history books. If Meghan is as daring with her style choices as we think she is, she could opt for an illusion lace wedding dress with a floral pattern. Since the wedding is happening in late Spring, this garden-inspired look from Martina Liana would be an absolute knockout, don’t you think? With a plunging neckline and 3D flowers throughout, this dress would definitely turn heads across the globe.

Traditional Lace Wedding Dress with Keyhole Back

Meghan Markle Lace Wedding Dress Style

If Meghan wanted to stick to the royal rules, she may opt for something more traditional like this lace wedding dress with a keyhole back. We love this look because it incorporated a long lace train, is slightly modest without compromising on style and definitely has an American aesthetic.  A clean crepe skirt would appeal to Meghan’s love for clean and structured looks but still make the Queen happy with lots of lace details.

So, there you have it! For everything, you need to know about the royal wedding, check out our blog post here. Cheers!