Real Essense of Australia Bride Jessica + Trent

Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

How To: Recreating Hairstyles from the Essense of Australia Collection

This spring collection from Essense is truly magical. It’s every brides dream. The collection is whimsical, romantic and stylish. So when the styling team were shooting the campaign for these gorgeous designs we knew we had to make the models hair every bit as dreamy as each Essense wedding gown. With spring upcoming and the vibe being effortless and modern, the brief was perfectly undone with braids and a softness that was chic and feminine. The beauty of this hair style is that the less precise you are the better this style looks.

Wedding-Ready Braids

Let’s recreate the look..

HAIR PREP Your hair will need to be dry and not so perfectly blown out. Best products for the blowout are anti humidity serums like Ouidad Climate control and heat and humidity gel. This allows the hair to be textured but not frizzy. Add texture through from the roots the mid lengths only- Oribe Texturising spray works best. Using a curling wand, curl the hair then separate it then tousle. Add more texture spray not hairspray as the alcohol in the spray dry the hair too much.

BACKCOMB ROOTS This adds volume and fullness and height to the crown. Leaving the front 1/3 of your hair out for styling the fringe and braiding; gently pull back the hair into a ponytail leaving the fullness at the crown. Make sure you look in the mirror to keep the volume at the roots.

ADD PADDED HAIR PIECE At the base of the ponytail add a padded hair piece to give volume and grip for pinning tousled curls in place.

BRAID Take part of the fringe 1/3 and add more texture spray then loosely braid. Separate and pull apart for a fuller look. Secure this piece at the ponytail base.

BUN Pin loosely to the padded hair piece with U-pins. Add some more texture spray and lightly web any curls that need more volume.  Leave some pieces out for a loose and softer look.

SPRAY Now you can use hairspray to secure the look. Lightly mist some unscented ELNET onto your hair. Less is more. If you have fine hair any hairspray will weigh it down so be gentle when applying.

HAIRPIECE Secure your favourite hair comb or hair jewellery into the textured hair. Secure for extra hold with a bobby pin.