Real Martina Liana Bride Linh + Clay

Real Martina Liana bride, Linh’s outdoor wedding was a romantic, beautiful floral explosion – in the best way possible! From her lush bouquet to the ceremony backdrop, every last bloom has us seriously swooning, as does her sexy lace wedding dress. Congrats to this beautiful couple!

From the bride: Clay is in the process of getting his helicopter license and decided to take me on a ride with him over Labor Day weekend last year. We flew over the beach, past Santa Monica Pier and landed on the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking Malibu for a short hike. I was taking pictures from an outlook and that’s when Clay gave me the ring and proposed. We went to a Labor Day party afterward and got to celebrate with our friends in an impromptu engagement party. It was one of the best days of my life.

Our wedding was absolutely dreamy. We had an outdoor ceremony in a lush green space in spring when all of the flowers have bloomed. We picked early May because we figured it wouldn’t be too hot and LA was going through a drought so we didn’t worry about rain. Hah! Low and behold, it rained the week leading up to the wedding and the forecast said it would rain on our day. My bridesmaid did a drought dance and I guess it worked because it didn’t rain until our reception ended. It was cloudy in the early afternoon but an hour before the ceremony started the sky cleared up and the sun came through for some gorgeous pictures. Mother Nature was on our side!

For wedding favors, we made candles for our guests with some of our favorite scents. It was easy to make and cheaper than buying. We wanted our guests to go home with something they’ll actually use and the personalization of the candles was a big hit.

Clay actually picked this venue. We did a lot of research on our venue and went on a lot of site visits before going with the Westlake Village Inn. We loved that it had so many great places for photos and it felt like we were in wine country while only being an hour outside of LA which made it easy for out of town guests to reach. Our coordinator worked at the venue so she had the advantage of knowing all of the other staff. A tip we have is to ask your potential venue what their contingency plans for various weather conditions are. Our venue was a big resort and since it rained leading up to the wedding our coordinator booked a large banquet room at the resort to hold the ceremony just in case, another option we had was to tent the ceremony. So always have a backup plan just in case.

There were so many special memories from our wedding day that it’s hard to pick just one. The amount of love and support that we received from everyone was just tremendous. We had a lot of guests come in from out of town, we saw family we haven’t seen in a long time and even guests who don’t usually show affection were emotional.


Photography by Whitney Darling Photography