martina liana style 906

Real Martina Liana Bride Jenni + Austin

Some people say that rain on your wedding day is bad luck, but for real bride Jenni, the rain brought a sense of magic to her big day. After choosing a gorgeous Martina Liana wedding dress, the couple decided to get married in fabulous Las Vegas! With all the glitz of Vegas and the classic traditions of a wedding, this couple’s nuptials blew us away.  Viva Las Vegas!

The Proposal

Our family friend is a photographer and had asked to use our farm as a potential location site for a shoot or so I thought! She had asked us to be her ‘models’ while she scouted out the location for future clients and I was under the impression I was getting free couple photos out of the whole thing. Little did I know Austin had actually set this session up and was going to have our proposal captured on camera!

While we were taking pictures I turned around to see Austin holding a sign that said “Jenni, will you marry me?” It was special to have the proposal moment captured by the same photographer who pictured our Engagement photos, our Vegas Wedding, and our Georgia Reception Party. She has been there to capture the entire process from start to finish!

martina liana style 906

Find the perfect Martina Liana wedding dress

I knew from the beginning I wanted a dress with many different materials/fabrics and dimension! I liked the look of crepe but still wanted lace. I also wanted a little volume without wearing a ballgown. I felt like my wants would never be able to found in just one dress! I tried on seven other dresses and was about to leave when the dress consultant brought this dress out as a ‘one last one’ option. Style 906 was just perfect! It had a crepe middle, tulle bottom, lace details, and sparkle! It was everything I wanted wrapped up in one dress!

The wedding details

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to get married in Las Vegas. That was definite. We decided to pick February 22, 2020, because that was already our exact anniversary month and day and happened to fall on a Saturday! It would be our fourth year together and we were going to get married on the same date as our already anniversary! It just made sense. Plus the number 22 meant a lot to us! Every major thing that has happened to our lives has involved the number (2) or (22) in some way since we have been together!

martina liana style 906

After telling our family that we wanted to get married in Vegas, they all wanted to make a trip out of it and spend the weekend celebrating with us as well. Before we knew it we had 40 people book rooms and flights to join us on our wedding day. It was so special to have that many family and friends that wanted to be with us on our big day that they were willing to fly all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast to be with us. We even flew out the photographer who took our proposal pictures to be with us and capture the entire weekend

martina liana style 906

I wanted our wedding to still be glitzy and Vegas, but still very formal and beautiful! We decided to get married at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino in the garden chapel. The gazebo was delicate and beautiful with the white flower archway, but the hotel itself was very neon, glam, pink, and fun! I decided to have my bridesmaid wear red sequin dresses to stand out and be more glam. Austin wore a white tux to make the both of us pop in white (and it made him feel like Elvis lol) and his groomsmen wore traditional black tuxes!

After our ceremony, we went to The Venetian hotel and took pictures and rode in the indoor gondolas! It was dreamy and beautiful! The hotel looks like it belongs in Venice and in a Cathedral church at the same time! The photos here were breathtaking! My photographers worked super hard and were literally running down the canal while we were on the gondolas to get the perfect shot!

martina liana style 906

Photos by once upon time photography

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