Playlist Series: Songs that Keep the Dance Floor Packed

We’ve all been to one of those weddings where the DJ isn’t quite reading the crowd and dance floor is kind of a dud. Today, we’re tackling one of the most popular planning questions: how to keep your dance floor packed! We’re giving you the rundown on how to tell you DJ exactly what type of music you prefer and a list of suggestions guaranteed to keep your guest grooving all night long.

Hire the right DJ or band

First things first, talk to your friends, family, and coworkers who recently got married or who have been to a lot of weddings within the past year and ask for their recommendations. Chances are someone will know a great DJ or band who is willing to take your considerations into account. Most music pros will come up with a setlist with you and will be able to show you some example of weddings they’ve done. Remember to take the time to curate a playlist with meaningful songs as well as crowd favorites.

Make a playlist to get the party started…and to keep the dance floor going

The most important thing to remember about the dancefloor is that you have to appeal to a large crowd who will have varying music tastes. You want to create an environment of music that the majority of people know and can dance to. Stick with popular pop hits and classic jams that guests of all ages can dance and sing along too. If you want to keep the dance floor going on all night, keep slow jams to a minimum. Whether or not you want to include song classic wedding songs like the YMCA is totally up to you.

Our recommendations for the perfect playlist

Whether or not the perfect dance floor playlist is your priority or your partners, it is important to keep guests entertained and having fun at your wedding. The right DJ and the right mix of classic songs and today’s hit will make sure your guest move and groove until the final goodbye. To help you with that, we’ve rounded up our top songs for the perfect night of dancing. Enjoy!

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