How to Throw the Best Bridal Shower

He bought the ring. She said yes. The date has been set. Let the festivities begin! If you want to throw the best bridal shower ever, (and the fact that you’ve landed on this blog post tells us you do), the following bridal shower hosting tips will see you through.

Pick a date.

Choose a date between two weeks to two months before the wedding. The earlier, the better!

Select the guests.

Whom will your friend want at her bridal shower? How many guests can you comfortably seat and serve? Pick a number, and start the bridal shower invite list as soon as you’ve confirmed the shower date.

Book a venue.

Choose a venue that compliments your bride’s style, her guest list, and the overall theme of her wedding. Is the wedding a casual affair? Kick things off with an intimate bridal brunch at home. Planning a pre-party for the wedding to top all weddings? Host something more formal, like a small dinner party at a local hotspot.

Design and send the invitations.

Design the bridal shower invitation to match the party’s theme, and send invitations to guests four to six weeks before the event. Include the bride’s name, her bridal registry information, and the date, time and location of the celebration.

Decide on decorations.

bridal shower invite

Our friends at Wedding Paper Divas have some fabulous decor ideas for bridal showers. Their advice? Start with the tablescape. From ethereal crystal glassware to dainty tea cups, tableware is the perfect way to add complementary touches to the bridal shower table. Of course, you’re in the hands of the venue should you go outside the comforts of your abode. However, there are ways to add special touches. For example, we love the idea of creating a sign or sash for the guest of honor’s chair.

bridal shower chair sign for bride

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Plan the menu.

Remember this mantra: Stay simple. There’s not need to go overboard with the bridal shower menu. Guests love finger foods, fresh fruit and greens, and sumptuous desserts – made or bought. (Just remember any dietary restrictions.) Hosting a bridal shower at home? We suggest a brunch with these delicious (and affordable) creations.

bridal shower menu

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Prepare for fun.

It’s a tradition, but not necessary, to host a game or two at the bridal shower. One popular favorite is Bridal Shower Bingo. Think BINGO, but bridal-tized. Replace the word BINGO with the word BRIDE; instead of numbers, list fun facts that are relevant to the bride. Play just as you would a traditional BINGO game. (Don’t forget to buy a small prize for the winner.) For more fun bridal shower games, check out this article at

bridal shower bingo

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Buy a gift and plan for necessities.

Again, there’s no need to go overboard. You’re hosting the event and much of your budget will go to party planning. However, you should buy something special for the bride, say a gift in the $15-$30 range. During your bridal shower shopping trip, pick up a notebook and a pen to record gifts; it’s also a good idea to bring large trash bags to tote away trash and used giftwrap.