How To: Picture Perfect Bold Lip

Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

How To: Picture Perfect Bold Lip

Now you have found the missing piece of your happily ever after puzzle and you are about to seal the deal with a kiss, saying goodbye to the frogs and hello to your prince. Bold is beautiful.. So fire up your wedding makeup with my best face saving formulas and tips for keeping your bold lipstick picture perfect and kissable all day! High impact lip color doesn’t have to be avoided and can bring a little Hollywood glamour to your wedding makeup and photos. So check out my favorite picks for a long lasting perfect pout! You can kiss goodbye smudged bold lips that leave you looking like a hot’s the 411 on all formulas with staying power…I had to kiss a couple of frogs to get you this’re welcome!
There are many different options for your big day so here’s what you need to know..

1. Liquid Lipsticks- innovative waterproof lip paint in bold high-pigmented shades and a formula that glides on as a weightless flexible liquid and dries matte.
2. Super stay formulas -are quite similar in texture when applying the opaque base coat however once dried, you apply a moisturising gloss to add shine.
3. Lip stains- sheer liquid color that stains the lip and that is buildable to a strong bold color and dries matte and kissable.
4. Waterproof lip pencils with a sealer-a sealer is liquid converter that transforms pencils into smudge-proof, long lasting makeup.

Tips for bold kiss proof lips:
1. Exfoliate your lips-use a lip balm and a soft toothbrush and gently exfoliate any dead skin off your lips.
2. Lightly blot the excess balm or oil off with a tissue.
3. Apply in a thin layer your Liquid Lipstick or Super Stay formula and wait until it is completely dry.
4. If you are using a Super Stay apply another light coat. Wait until dried completely then apply the gloss.
5. If you decide to wear a waterproof pencil from Makeup Forever, line and color your entire lip the using your lip brush then apply two drops of the Makeup Forever Aqua sealer to the lip area entirely covering the pencil, making sure you seal the lip line. Allow to dry.
6. Conceal around the outer edge of your lips with a concealer on a brush or reverse lip liner pencil to give a clean clear edge so no bleeding of your color can occur.

Must-Have Stay All Day Formulas:
1. Modelrock Liquid Last Matte Lipstick
2. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick
3. Anastasia Liquid Lipstick
4. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
5. Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge
6. Makeup Forever Aqua Lip liner with Aqua Sealer
7. Max Factor Lipfinity Color and gloss
8. Maybelline SuperStay 14hr lipstick
9. Covergirl Outlast
10. MAC Pro Longwear

Here’s the trick with stay all days…
Do: Because these formulas are highly pigmented you do not have to apply too much. Apply a thin layer and another thin layer when dried as the thicker the layer the more chance it will become crumbly and unstable.
Do: Let them dry completely after your application and don’t apply the gloss until totally dry if it has one.
Don’t: apply lip balm to moisturize lips directly before application as its waxy base will not allow the lip color to adhere to the lip
Don’t: overcomplicate the rest of your makeup if you are wearing bold lips-let your lips do the talking! Think lashes and lips.
Do: lightly apply lip-gloss coating before the kiss-your true love won’t be a fan ..Guaranteed! Apply more when your photos are taken or after you leave the church.
Do: Buy and try your new lipstick before the big day. I advise people to use their makeup trial wisely. Even a little kissing with your new lipstick on is important! It’s all in the name of beauty science of course. 😉