Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

How To: Make Your Makeup Last Throughout the Day

Summer is HOT… So how do we sparkle through the hottest season (literally) on the calendar without our faces sliding down to our knees? It’s been known to happen I’m not being dramatic (maybe a little) you all know what I’m talking about. The very last thing you need on your wedding day is you outlasting your makeup! I’m a firm believer that you start with great skincare then everything else will fall into place. These days everyone can have clear skin. Everyone! The better shape your skin is in the less makeup you need. The less slip and slide with your base! It’s all synergistically linked.


Exfoliating your skin is extremely important. It removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and promotes cell turnover. You are steps away from smooth, radiant skin- that doesn’t need or needs very little makeup coverage.


If you know your skin type you can choose well when purchasing your makeup and beauty products. Each skin type needs something extremely different when trying to achieve its beauty goal, so know your skin type and you are ¾ of the way there.


Your skin hydration is so important to how your skin cells function. It’s such a basic piece of information that will change the fitness of your skin and your health. The more water you drink the healthier or more radiant your skin will look.


If you are diligently exfoliating, eating nutritiously and drinking your H20 then this is your next step. Choosing the right products for your skin type is VERY important, not choosing the next big thing or what your best friend is using (unless you are the same skin type). This is the biggest mistake I see women make when it comes to beauty.

Here is how to ace your base in the summer months! I love seeing the skin looking flawless and radiant so you will not see any “baking tips” here! I love it when I hear people say “she is so gorgeous” not how beautiful her makeup is.

  1. Apply to exfoliated skin with your fingertips a small amount of The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid 2% +B5 $6.80 to your face and neck. This is an ultra-hydrating formula that helps prep your skin without the use of oil. This is great for all skin types.
  2. Then using a synthetic brush, apply a makeup primer to your skin. I have a few favourites and I choose according to how the client tells me their skin reacts. I usually use Becca Ever matte primer on the T zone for those with extremely oily skin or I use Peter Thomas Roth Mattifying gel for combination/normal skin types. Smash box Primer Water is also great for those who are dry, normal or a combination. Apply a few squirts to your beauty blender sponge and apply your foundation to your sponge and work into the areas that need coverage. It gives a wonderful radiance to your skin without oiliness and has exceptional staying power.
  3. Apply a light concealer to the areas that need concealing. Absolute New York Radiant liquid concealer $9.99 is a great choice, it’s light but buildable.
  4. Lightly powder the T zone with a small brush Becca’s Soft Light Blurring Powder which will give the skin a soft radiance while at the same time setting your base.
  5. Keep on hand Premium facial oil blotting papers made from natural bamboo which help remove any oil or excess product that causes shine. Lightly dust a tiny amount of powder to the area you blot.
  6. Apply the rest of your makeup as desired.


The less powder you use the better. Powder tends to cake and make the face look like there is too much makeup. Dust ever so lightly when using powder. Powder only the T zone and use a small brush so it is more targeted in the application.