How To Choose Your Wedding’s Color Palette

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make for the big day will set the standard for many details: your color palette! Usually consisting of 2-5 colors, a color palette helps keep your decor and all those little wedding day details cohesive. With an entire rainbow of options, how is a bride to choose? Read on for our tips on finding the perfect color palette for your big day:

Consider: The Season

One of the easiest ways to find your colors is to consider the season during which you’ll say “I do!”  If you’re planning outdoor, seaside nuptials in the middle of June, choose a palette with whites and blues. Fall weddings call for warm neutrals and pops of bold colors, like marsala and burnt orange. Don’t feel like you have to go over-the-top traditional, like red and green for a winter wedding; simply choose a variety that will make sense for the time of year.

Photo: Lake Morey Resort

winter color pallete

Winter Mist

Photo: Lake Morey Resort

Consider: Your Venue

Just as you’ll consider the outdoor elements, visualize the indoor venue and surroundings of your wedding day. If you’re planning a rustic barn wedding, select a natural color palette with neutrals and one bold primary color. Hosting a downtown rooftop wedding? Consider an elegant black and white theme. Plan your palette according to the venue’s interior to make it easier (and less expensive) for decor.

elegant ballroom

neutral color pallete

Understated Elegance

Photo: Company 251

Consider: Vibe

What kind of vibe are you going for? Sophisticated romance, fun and modern, or earthy and boho? Deciding what the “vibe” of your big day will be can help you plan the color palette and basically everything else – from the decor to hair accessories and even shoes! A few searches on Pinterest will help you gather a few different options for your colors. We recommend balancing the bold with neutrals so every little detail looks united. Chances of you finding canary yellow or blush chargers? Probably slim. But if your palette includes yellow, blush, white and rose gold – the options are endless!

boho patio

boho color pallete

Boho Brunch

Photo: Chelsea Maras Photography

Consider: Flattering Shades

Have you ever been a part of an early spring bridal party, forced to wear mint green in March? Unless you schedule a spray tan, it’s not the most flattering on winter-washed skin tones and dry skin. Consider colors that flatter every body type and skin tone (like navy, off-white and emerald.) What colors decorate most of your home? What is your favorite color to wear? Asking yourself these types of questions will help narrow down a comforting palette that you’ll love. And let’s be real – this day is all about you!

soft pink bridal party

pink color pallete

Pink Peonies

Photo: Thompson Photography

Consider: Upcoming Holidays

If you’re bridin’ on a budget or simply want to score a lot of decor for a fraction of your budget, consider upcoming holidays! Craft stores will have tons of items on sale before and after the holiday. If you’re planning a year ahead, try to scout the decor a whole year in advance! Even grabbing tinted tea lights or colored tablecloths ahead of time will assist in your planning process. 

floral centerpiece

pastel color pallete

Easter Sunday

Photo: Martha Stewart

What colors are you choosing on your big day? Tell us in the comments!