Hips Don't Lie: RIP Side Butt
Maggie Mueller

Maggie Mueller

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Hips Don’t Lie: RIP Side Booty

In my classes I rarely use correct anatomical terms when explaining the area on the body we are targeting. What fun would that be? All of my students know that, according to me, we have 3 butts. The booty that is supposed to be there (butt 1), the one just under the one that is supposed to be there (butt 2) and the ones on the sides of that one (butt 3). Today we will be focusing on Butt(s) #3, commonly referred to as “saddlebags”. You’ve heard it said that you build and shape a booty with squats. While squats are perfectly fine, you don’t need to spend your life waiting for the squat rack to target Butt 3. The following workout will induce an outer thigh burn like you’ve never felt without ever leaving the floor! And because your hips will be involuntarily trembling by the end of the (5 minute!) routine, turn on some Shakira and embrace the shake!

Consult your doctor before starting any nutrition or exercise program.

Perform the entire routine without rest on your right side then repeat on your left.

Side Lying Lifts
Begin by lying on your left side and supporting your head with your hand or prop up on your elbow. Pull your knees upward to hip level – creating a 90 degree angle at your hips and a 90 degree angle at your knees. Your shins should be in line with the front edge of your mat and your back in line with the back edge of your mat. Keeping your core engaged and hip bones stacked (don’t let your top hip drift backward), lift your top leg to hip height and lower back down without touching your bottom leg. Continue this movement for 1 minute.

Hips Don't Lie: RIP Side Butt

Hips Don't Lie: RIP Side Butt

Pro-tip: On the leg that you’re lifting, make sure your knee does not go higher than your foot and vice versa – they should remain on the same plane.

Without stopping, hold your leg at the top of your movement and pulse upward taking care to not let your top hip drift backward. Engage your core and squeeze your top glute! Continue pulsing for 30 seconds.

Hips Don't LIe: RIP Side Butt

Pro-tip: Place your top forearm on the floor away from your body to maintain good form in your hips!

Without dropping your leg, push your foot behind you like you’re trying to poke something. Your knee should now be positioned in line with your torso and then behind your body line as you push back. DO NOT lower the level of your leg, it should be at least hip height. Push backward for 1 minute.

Hips Don't Lie: RIP Side Butt

Pro-tip: Do not wiggle in your upper body. Your torso should remain still throughout.

RIP Butt #3, you won’t be missed.

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