How To Select Your Signature Scent For Your Wedding Day

Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Finding Your Signature Scent For Your Wedding Day

Scent is a silent language. A language that says more about you than you think. People remember beautiful fragrances, in fact, once I ran into a long lost friend and as I hugged him he exclaimed “OMG! You still even smell the same! Custard tart!” I didn’t quite expect that reaction to my scent. During the day I love to smell like baked’s my thing..people tend to remember my fragrance. I’ll be honest, I’ve said it before, fragrance is one of my favourite beauty essentials. I often wear oils as they are natural and last all day. Fragrance evokes moods and memories, so on your wedding day, choosing your signature scent will help you reignite wonderful moments and feelings that will remain unforgettable to you and those around you.

You have the wedding gown of your dreams. Perfected your bridal up do and makeup Oh.. And you have the man ???? every little detail right down to your nails have been completed, so now to your scent. Do you even have a signature scent? If not, how do you even find it? We all gravitate towards certain smells or fragrances that we find appealing and that arouse certain emotions. Some scents are polarising so where do you start? It doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Remember whether you want to smell like you do and wear your favourite fragrance that you wear everyday or try something different and unique, your choice of scent will remain a special memory of the most wonderful day of your life.

The three categories are:
Warm: evocative, warm scents like amber, vanilla, wood, musk and spicy dark notes that are sexy and moody.
Floral: pure and feminine scents such as rose, iris, violets and lily of the valley. Flowers can produce an elegance and restrained softness.
Fresh: bright and gender less these notes are crisp, citrus, grassy, green and lighter.

Eau de toilette: is a lightly scented cologne so it is weaker in scent than a parfum.
Eau de parfum: the concentration of fragrance/ essences are much stronger in a parfum.
Oils: can be naturally derived meaning plant based. Do check the facts before purchasing as some may be synthetic.
Bespoke: fragrances-are custom designed for you which is the ultimate fragrance experience. This is truly a signature scent. Your fragrance legacy. Perfect for a memorable occasion.

Choosing a scent on your big day could also be decided on your location. A destination wedding such as a beach location calls for something a little exotic and unique. I chose an unusual portrait of candied rose with a spicy saffron scent for my beach wedding. An oriental spicy fragrance and added my own base note of vanilla oil ( which by the way extends the length of your fragrance). Oils are a great way to add your own special and unique touch to an old favourite. Play around and have fun. Google your own fragrance ingredients then add an oil to give it a new and exciting twist!

Maybe check these memorable fragrance companies out…

Agonist– Vanilla Marble-my favourite-creamy vanilla
NEST-Citrine- fresh and citrusy
Commodity-wool unisex and very sexy
L’artisan Parfumeur-so many here I cannot chose one
MOR– delicious and fun scents
Frederic Malle-brings some of the worlds best perfumer’s together to create what they call “Editions de Parfums”
Jo Malone– unique and modern scents and downright irresistible

Or check out Bespoke Perfumer’s in your city and see how much they cost. You might be surprised as not all bespoke fragrance is costly. I have seen some extremely reasonable prices- so get to googling!!