Hot Wedding Trend: Lush Greenery

Over-the-top blooms are no longer the only option for wedding décor. Our Pinterest feeds are bursting with gorgeous greenery – a super hot wedding trend – and we’re excited! It may seem “earthy” at first, but it can also be fresh, crisp, and sophisticated. Not only is it a twist on traditional flowers, but is affordable as well.

Even if you do not want to jump on the all-green wedding trend band wagon completely, adding a few flowers will complement the lush greenery while leaving the focus on the bride (and groom!). It might appear to be non-traditional, but it’s also vibrant and an instant classic. The best part? You can easily achieve this look no matter what season you choose to say your ‘I Do’s’. Adding in greenery can create some dramatic texture and allows you to use additional elements that may otherwise seem too masculine, such as rocks and tree branches. Incorporating greenery lets you easily achieve a look that is the perfect blend of natural and modern.

Greenery in your wedding decor doesn’t mean giving up amazing aromas that come from great floral arrangements.  Many of the most popular green leaves, vines, and stems have an amazing fragrance of their own – and tend to be more “allergy friendly” than actual blooms.  If you still want just a hint of color in among your green, you can always opt for keeping unopened buds or berries on your greenery.  Remember, most leaves also show-off with a lighter shade of green, or often grey or white on the back-side of their leaves for an additional neutral color among your wedding-day palette.

So if you are going for an understated and simple vibe, consider greenery. From a dramatic backdrop to chic centerpieces, we gathered up our favorite ways that real brides incorporated this wedding trend for you to get some ideas for your own special day.