Martine Harris

Chief Creative Officer

Fall Trend: Mix-n-Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Gone are the days of the matchy-matchy bridal party. This season it’s all about individuality and a little bit of coordination. We love that style-savvy brides are finding new and creative ways to pick their bridesmaid dresses. There are plenty of ways to incorporate this idea while still maintaining a cohesive look overall. Here are some of our favorites:

Same color, different shades. If you’ve fallen in love with one particular bridesmaid dress, this is the easiest way to pull off the trend. Once you know your wedding colors, let your bridesmaids pick the shade that compliments them best. Neutrals work particularly well with this look, and are hot for fall.

teal MYW


Same style, different lengths. Another easy option for this trend, is to select your favorite bridesmaid dress, and let your bridal party select the length. For an even edgier look, let them pick their favorite shade as well.



Same color, different styles. If you’ve already selected your wedding colors, and have the perfect shade in mind for your bridal party, try letting them select their own style. The different textures and fabrics will add dimension to your big day, without being too distracting. The Sorella Vita Maid Your Way dress is perfect for this trend. With one dress, your bridesmaids can drape, twist, or wrap the gown to create more than 18 different looks.

coral MYW

Same dress, different accessories. If you’re not too sure about the mis-matched look, start small. After selecting the bridesmaid dress, add a pop of color by switching up their accessories, shoes or their bouquets.

Incorporating this trend into your big day doesn’t have to be intimidating. You want your girls to feel as confident as you are on your big day, and this is the perfect way to achieve that.