Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

All Eyes On You: Eyelash Trend

2015 is the time to lash out with this ultra-feminine, modern and whimsical top beauty trend. Your wedding makeup should borrow inspiration from the re-emergence of the bold doll-like eyelash adored in the 1960s. This doe-eyed flutter brings the focus back to the eyes and we know there is nothing more dramatic, magical, and transformative in eye makeup than false eyelashes.

Whether the bridal gown you choose is a romantic vintage wedding dress or that show stopper sexy wedding dress… this wedding makeup trend is for everyone! Lush Lashes never looked more beautiful or glamorous. Live a little and try stacking two lashes on top of each other and adding a bottom lash like MODELROCK Lashes Angel Tips or House of Lashes Precious for full blown glamour.

Worn with any wedding hairstyles in your hairstylist’s repertoire, you will capture every adoring eye in the room with this modern take on this year’s best bridal beauty trend.

Here are my top 3 lash go to brands when it comes to adding that extra sparkle for your special EYE-DO’s!

  1. MODELROCK Lashes – Smokey Velvet, My Marilyns,Twiggy Double, 241’s short
  2. Hudabeauty – Coco Jo, Samantha, Monique, Giselle
  3. House of Lashes – Temptress Wispy, Siren, Fairy Noir, Bambi, Precious bottom lashes

Here are a few key techniques you will need to know with this step-by-step application guide for applying lashes.

  1.    Always curl your upper lash prior to applying your liner or eye makeup. Always apply the top lash first. I always dry fit any false lash to the eye first just in case I may need to trim them. Trim with small scissors or a pair of sterile nail clippers. Always trim the outer edge of a false lash when fitting the eye. Make sure you place the outer edge of the lash in line with the sweep up of your lower eye. An eyelash too far over your actual eye line will make you look tired and drag the eye down.
  2. After ensuring your eye makeup and liner is complete, add a little glue to the end of your tweezers and swipe your tweezer across the base of the bottom false lash. This controls the amount of glue applied. Add a little more glue to either end of your false lash this helps adhere to the outer edges of your eye where there is the most movement when you smile etc. Wait until the glue is a little tacky to the touch. Then you are ready to start application.
  3. Looking straight at the mirror, take either end of your lash with tweezers and start placing it at the base of your eyelash where the skin connects. Try to adhere the middle of the lash to the centre of the base of your upper eye first then you can release one end and lightly press that end onto the skin on the eye. Repeat with the other end of the lash. Ensure the entire lash is adhered to your skin. Wait for the glue to dry. Try not to move your eye around too much while the lash glue is drying.
  4. Add some extra mascara by using your mascara wand vertically. That way you have more control of the amount of mascara you use and also less chance of irritating smudges around your eye. Using the tip of the wand vertically will help adhere your stray lashes to the false lash as there is more mascara on the tip and this acts like glue and seals your lash onto the false lash.
  5. Then apply your liner lightly to the glue on the base of your lash to make sure it blends with your lash line.

Born again

To make this trend a little lighter on your hip pocket here’s some tips to keep them all a flutter for many more wears:

  1.       Purchase some Parian Spirit ( )
  2.       Put both used lashes carefully into a small jar and spray your lashes until they are wet with the Parian Spirit (apprx 3-4 sprays)
  3.       Carefully remove the lashes and place them on a tissue. Fold over the tissue and press down onto the lash. Fold tissue back and the glue will have adhered to the tissue. Repeat tissue press twice.
  4.       Store your clean lash back onto original lash container to keep lash in shape.