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Store of the Week: Dora Grace Bridal in Fort Collins, CO

Named after its owner’s two maternal grandmothers, Dora Grace Bridal opened its doors to offer brides a boutique experience without the high price. Giving them the one-on-one attention they deserve has been the reason this Fort Collins bridal shop has been able to help so many brides find their special dress.

Dora Grace Bridal Staff
We asked the ladies of Dora Grace Bridal all about their Fort Collins bridal shop and what’s
currently trending in the Colorado bridal market:

What wedding dress trends are hot right now in your area?
Country chic is still popular, but we have definitely seen a surge in brides wanting to bring more elegance into their wedding. Our brides are navigating back to beading and drama instead of a simple silhouette and fabric. We’re excited for this change of pace!

How do you make the bride’s experience memorable?
We work individually with each bride and bridesmaid party to ensure their ideas and concerns are met throughout the appointment and we try to keep our lines of communication open during the process as well, so they can stay ahead of their plans surrounding attire. Each of our brides also receives a Dora Grace tank top with their purchase, and it’s so fun seeing them around town!

What’s the most surprising request you’ve ever gotten from a bride?
The most surprising request turned out to be my favorite memory, as well! When I first opened my store, I received an email from a bride wanting to order a dress that she had seen online. She was deployed at the time, and was getting married soon after she came home, so she was willing to buy it “sight unseen.” It sounded almost like a scam, but after several emails back and forth trying to get her proper measurements and one carefully-coordinated long distance phone call, we completed the sale. It was awesome to see her in person after getting back from deployment and trying on the dress which she LOVED and was so thankful we were willing to work with her from afar. She was one of the sweetest brides I’ve ever had and we’re still friends on Facebook!

What is the best advice you would give a bride as she is shopping for her wedding gown?
Bring people with you that you know will be supportive, limiting it to a few close friends. We see a lot of appointments go downhill quickly by unwelcome opinions that catch the bride off guard. And, at the end of the day, you still want most of your guests to see you walking down the aisle in “the dress” for the first time at your wedding, so it’s best to keep your entourage small.

For more information you can visit Dora Grace Bridal at 2700 S College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80525, call them at (970) 449-4088 or visit them online at