DIY Floral Crown Tutorial

A beautifully-blooming DIY floral crown is one of our favorite ways to incorporate a little romance to your wedding day (or everyday!) style. Perfect for the boho-chic bride, the sweetest little flower girl, or even your bridal shower with the besties – floral crowns are such a romantic and fun – accessory. The best part? They’re super-simple to make! Here are the four steps to making the most fabulous floral crown.

DIY Floral Crown Step by Step

What you’ll need:


Tip: When selecting which flowers you’ll be using to create your crown, keep in mind the style of crown you’re looking to make. If you’re dreaming of an ethereal crown, we suggest using smaller blooms mixed in with delicate sprigs of baby’s breath. For a total Grecian-goddess crown, stick to greenery only. And for a full-on glam crown, choose larger blooms like daisies and roses. Just remember, the bigger the blooms, the heavier the crown. Your crown will also appear larger once you’re wearing it than it does sitting on the table, so keep that in mind!

Step 1: Secure your wire

To get started, cut a piece of floral wire approximately two feet in length. From here, you’ll want to wrap the wire around your head to determine how big the crown needs to be. If you want to create more of a headband effect with your crown, place the wire further back on your head. If you want that truly boho-inspired style, we recommend wearing your crown down on your forehead.

Once you’ve adjusted the crown to the size you need it to be, twist the ends of the crown to close it. Securing the wire like this makes it much easier to adjust, if needed, once the crown is complete.

Step 2: Trim your flowers


Once you have selected your flowers, trim them, leaving about three inches of stem. Grouping your flowers ahead of time makes it easier to continuously add blooms to your crown.

Step 3: Add flowers

Starting at the back of your crown, place your first bloom facing the twists you created. Taking your floral tape, wrap around the stem several times, securing the bloom in place. Floral tape sticks to itself, so you don’t have to worry about it coming unstuck. Then, place your next bloom, overlapping slightly, and tape. Continue around the crown.

Step 4: Finish

To finish your crown, simply secure the final bloom in place, and trim the extra stems. Congratulations, you’ve completed your beautiful blooming crown!

We can’t wait to see the floral crowns all of our beautiful boho brides create!


Floral crown workshop courtesy of The Bloom Academy.