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Boho Wedding Decor Inspiration

Boho babes, we’ve got some major boho wedding decor inspo coming your way! We’re breaking down all the ways you can use different decor elements to pull off the dreamiest boho wedding. You’re in luck because the launch All Who Wander now has you covered with the PERFECT bohemian wedding dress, now all you need are the finishing touches to pull your dream wedding together!

Our first tip is to pick your boho wedding dress – you can then match your wedding decor to the type of bohemian bride you are! For example, if you’re a more of a vintage boho bride you may want to incorporate some unique vintage elements into your wedding decor. You can also focus on making your boho wedding unique to you as a couple. Do you and your spouse love to listen to records, or go hiking, or love to travel? Incorporate personal touches into your boho wedding to make your wedding representative of YOU!  

Take a look at the elements in your wedding dress and add inspiration from those elements into your wedding decor. For example, if you’re wearing the Finn gown from All Who Wander, you can incorporate a sheer, silky fabric into your wedding arch to play off of the skirt of Finn. You can find various wedding arch chiffon panels on Etsy. Add some lush, feminine florals to incorporate nature into the arch for a boho-chic look!

all who wander finn gown

finn gown

boho wedding decor

“It’s all in the details” is definitely true when it comes to your wedding day! Another tip is to layer, layer, layer! You can build your boho wedding decor up to create a magical wedding with contrasting elements. Consider adding pampas grass for a natural touch and offsetting the muted tones with vibrant florals. Having a unique or nature-incorporated arch is the perfect way to let your love story shine through. Another fun tip is to use rugs as aisle runners. This added element will make your wedding feel more intimate. Check out our blog How To Choose Your Wedding’s Color Palette for tips on how to choose the right color palette for you! 

all who wander avery gown

avery gown

boho wedding decor

Another great tip is to match your bridal style to your decor. Match your bouquet’s flowers to your tablescape for an impactful statement. We love the green glassware for an effortless pop of color. You could wear a stunning statement headpiece to match the metallics in your wedding decor as well. Check out our Bridal Jewelry Guide: What to Wear with your Wedding Dress for additional inspiration. You can also check out our blog on Veil Alternatives.

all who wander asher gown

asher gown

boho wedding decor

Macrame is a popular boho wedding decoration that can be used in so many different ways. We love the idea of hanging lights in macrame for a surprising boho element. Pair the Reece gown with the Poppy arm cuffs to mimic the free-spirited movement of macrame. 

all who wander reece gown

reece gown


boho wedding decor

Thrifted chairs and furniture are the perfect way to create a beautiful wedding set up. Head to your local thrift store or hit up Facebook Marketplace to find a fabulous peacock chair or two for you and your boho groom. Peacock chairs also make for a great photo opt for your wedding pictures. You can add florals to the chair to incorporate nature as well. They’re especially perfect for your ceremony table, you’ll stand out and feel like a true boho goddess sitting on your throne!

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joey gown

boho wedding decor

We hope these tips helped inspire you to create your dream bohemian wedding! Are you ready to find the boho wedding dress of your dreams? Find an All Who Wander retailer near you today!