wedding makeup for blonde hair

Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Best Wedding Makeup for Blondes

Like all hair colours it’s essential to understand if you’re cool, neutral or warm so you can look your best when either choosing outfits or makeup. Of course, knowing your colouring will also help you choose the best hue when trying on your wedding dress, making you shine even more on your big day. Being able to decipher your colours helps you to be able to wear a colour, not the colours wear you! Of course, there is creative freedom and you can do whatever you want but if you’re searching for a beautiful, flattering, harmonious look here is a guideline for you to follow. A good tip you might want to know is if you have purchased the wrong colour makeup previously, instead of tossing it out you can salvage it a few different ways.

Lips– if you are cool and have purchased a warm lip colour buy a cool/silver highlight lip gloss to wear over it to take the warmth out thus making it neutral.

Eyes– Same goes for shadows- add the opposite colour (if you are warm and are wearing a cool brown and swipe over a warm brown to warm it up making it better for a warmer skin tone.)

It’s always good to have a silver dusting shadow and lip gloss in your makeup bag if you are cool toned. For the warmer tones, in your beauty bag should be warm gold dusting eyeshadow and a gold fleck lip gloss.

Here’s a quick guide for you to follow.


Cool blondes look great in white, silver, cool pinks, black, grey, cool reds, cool purples, greige, jewel tones, icy hues. Cool blondes sparkle in shimmery shadows, bold liner and a pop of cool colour on their lips! This adds life to where there is a void of colour. If downplaying your look is your thing then add a light cool lip with a grey eye for a subtle but sexy vibe.


Neutral blondes look sensational in rose golds, taupes, neutral browns, true reds, creams, dusty rose, sorbets/creamy colours. Neutral Mavens look sensational in muted rose, dusty hues with a medium tone lip. A fantastic tip to get the lip right is never going any darker or brighter than the colour of your gums when you smile.


matte makeup

Warm Blondes look amazing in warm peachy tones, bronze, burnt orange and tan, golds, khaki, warm muted pinks. When choosing colours for your makeup if you want to wear a pink lip make sure it is a warm pink, not cool. Warmer blondes bring the heat when they warm up their complexing with bronzer and add a touch of drama with a sienna orange lip or a golden nude lip and a bronze eye.


Platinum Blondes or fashion colours can go either way here-Kim’s makeup artist, Mario has chosen to stay true to her warm complexion for a harmonious look with her skin and neutralized her lips and taken the cooler route with her brows. Working with both cool and warm tones she has been able to flatter both her skin and hair. Well played.