Best Wedding Flowers by Season

Just as it’s cheaper to buy fruits and vegetables in-season, buying blooms in their prime can offer significant savings. But in-season wedding flowers offer so much more than a cost break; they set the tone of your wedding celebration. After all, a winter wedding formal wouldn’t be complete without a deep red bloom. In contrast, the fragrance of a pretty pastel flower makes for the perfect outdoor summer wedding soiree.

Of course, your florist can order just about any bud, bloom, succulent or vine you desire and have it shipped overnight. (And there are some flowers not affected by changing seasons, such as the Rose, Aster, Carnation and Gerbera Daisy.) But some flowers will be harder to procure than others. With the world of flowers at your fingertips, it’s helpful to start somewhere. (Otherwise you’d never narrow it down.) We suggest starting seasonal. Below are a few of the best flowers by season – and just for fun – their special meanings.


Capture the beauty of the season with a floral arrangement in red. Bright evergreen adds contrast, while berries add an interesting pop.

Winter Wedding Flowers


  • Amaryllis: pride, determination and radiant beauty
  • Carnation: love, luck and admiration
  • Rose: love
  • Orchid: affection
  • Anthurium: anticipation
  • Star of Bethlehem
  • Poppy: peace


Welcome nature’s first green with seasonal favorites such as peonies, tulips and lilacs.

Spring Wedding Flowers

Blush Floral Design

  • Freesia: innocence and friendship
  • Magnolia: endurance
  • Peonies: good fortune and a happy marriage
  • Anemone: anticipation
  • Daffodil: prosperity
  • Lilac: love and innocence
  • Ranunculus: says dazzling and charming
  • Tulip: perfect love
  • Snapdragon: deception and graciousness
  • Sweet pea: blissful pleasure


Keep your bouquet light, cool and carefree with buttery yellows, bright greens and pretty pastels.

Summer Wedding Flowers

Calie Rose

  • Alstroemeria: friendship and devotion
  • Dahlia: inner strength and creativity
  • Delphinium: an open heart and ardent attachment
  • Gladiolus: strength and moral integrity
  • Chrysanthemum: perfection
  • Hyacinth: constancy
  • Gerbera Daisy: happiness and innocence
  • Hydrangea: grace and beauty



Complement autumn’s backdrop of deep foliage with a rich bouquet of multi-petalled flowers like zinnias and marigolds.

Fall Wedding Flowers


  • Aster: symbolizes of patience.
  • Marigold: strong passion
  • Statice: meadow
  • Zinnia: lasting affection
  • Sunflower: happiness, adoration and longevity
  • Cosmos: love

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