Sue Marshall

Guest Blogger

Best Makeup for Fall & Winter Weddings

After having discussed and reflected on the beauty trends from Fashion Week back in September, we’re talking all about the looks to try for your wedding. With so many interpretations on the runway, it can seem intimidating to try to blend your style of beauty with that of the great fashion houses. 

But now that the sparkles and powder has settled, it’s time to look back at one of fashion’s biggest weeks and take notes on what to buy to stay on trend and and fashion forward at your fall and winter wedding!

Beauty is taking a breather from the bolder looks and it’s replacing the brighter hues with pale rose pinks and nudes- skin is more natural, effortless and illuminated. Light and flawless. A modern romance.

With fashion taking a turn towards high glam, embellishments and textures, makeup has taken a step back- simple, natural and luminous. A pop of red on a natural face is something that any bride can achieve. 

Take note of these style tips fresh off the runways and this will keep you on trend and face forward for your special day!

Luminous- this was the strongest trend throughout the week. Illuminating primer was swept from the temple down to the top of the cheekbones and the outer edges of the eye in a C shape. Think radiance not highlighting. Do not apply to your high points of your face, the look is candlelit not strobing. No sparkles for this look, just a soft glow.

Products to try- Dani Lancer Glowing Skin Perfector  

Becca Backlight Priming Filter 


Red Lips-a pop of red albeit powdery matte, sparkly or a bright pop, there is a shade  and texture for everyone. Rocking a red lip with a natural face gives you at least three different takes on the one look.

Products to try- Mac Intoxica  


Romantic hair- romantic and modern, hair can be slicked back into a ballerina bun interwoven with lace and tulle. Adding modernity to any low bun or secured hair do. Simply pull your hair back down to the nape of your neck and secure into a low bun. Then using tulle or lace from your wedding gown secure over the bun. A memorable and romantic look.

Products to try- Loreal Paris Ellnet Satin Unscented Hairspray 


Air dried hair-Wash and go has always been a bit of a fantasy for most women and a no go for any bride to be. Follow these tips for a chic and low maintenance hair style. Shampoo the night before. Place a towel over your wet hair to rid excess water-do not blow dry and squeeze the water out. While damp, add Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It liberally through your hair. Let the air dry your hair and go to bed. When you wake, part your hair in your desired way and then using a hair product like Ouai Matte Pomade, lightly sleek the top layers from the part to the mid lengths lightly. Leave the ends effortless and piece out with the pomade. Pull back behind one ear and you have the sexiest, chicest look for your beach wedding or destination wedding.

Products to try- Ouai Haircare Matte Pomade  

Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It 


Fierce and feminine- for those who contrast their femininity with strength this is something to be inspired by. Smudge your eyeliner on your lower eye rim only then contrast that look with soft, rose cheeks that look a little sun kissed with a rose lip.

Products to try-Charlotte Tilbury’s Stoned Rose