14 Best Bridal Up-Do’s

From an elegant bun to a low knot, a chic upbraid to a messy twist, there are almost as many bridal up-do styles as there are wedding dress silhouettes. Choosing the perfect wedding hair depends on several factors: your personal style, your face shape, your hair’s length, and the style of your dress and veil. Read on for 14 of our bridal up-do favorites. (And don’t forget to show your favorites to your hair stylist!)

The undone chignon

The chignon is one of the most popular wedding hair styles today.  A traditional chignon is achieved by pinning hair into a knot at the nape of the neck, but we’re big fans of a more undone chignon, especially if you have a round or sweetheart shaped face.

Undone Chignon


The messy up-do

Soft-swept or wind-blown, there are many options for the messy up-do.

Messy Up Do

Photo found on Elstile


The braid-bun hybrid

Combine twist a whimsical french side braid up in a bun, and voila!

Braid bun

Found on oncewed.com

The boho up-do

Lovely, loose, and oh-so-boho chic!


Found on jointhemood.com


The perfect pin up

This put-together pin up works perfectly for more formal brides who want to show off elegant style on their big day.

Perfect pin up

Found on thehousewifewannabe.com


The side parted bun

There are so many iterations of this fun look. Here’s one of our favorites.

side part bun

Photo found on elstile.ru


The French twist

The perfect up-do for medium-length hair, the French twist up-do is created by “twisting” your hair and setting it with hairpins (and a lot of hairspray). From here, your stylist can embellish the look with decorative pins and clips. For a more modern look, let wisps of hair fall around the face.

French twist

Found on stylemepretty.com

The ‘20s twist

For the Great Gatsby look, try this fun wedding hair twist.

20s Twist

Found on hellonatural.co


The casual knot

The perfect wedding hair for outdoor weddings, especially at the beach.

Casual knot

Photo by Erica Hansson

The multi-twist

Multi twist

Hair by molly & joanna at Irrelephant.com

The embellished up-do

Add flowers, decorative pins, pearls or sparkling accents to any up-do for eye catching elegance.


Photo by Lovedale Photography

The wraparound braid

WrapAround braid

Photo by Anna Clarke Photography


The classic bun

A slick bun is ideal for women with a square-shaped face, since it emphasizes the jawline. However, it isn’t the best look for women with rounder faces. If you have a sweetheart-shaped face, make sure to add volume at your crown.

Classic Bun

Photo by Levi Stolove


The windswept chignon

Medium or long hair, sweetheart or square-shaped face, a windswept chignon looks good on everyone – everywhere.


Essense Bride Ciara

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